Bonus Episode: Conversation with Dad

In partnership with my friends at Where the Asians At?!, comes  ASIAN(SOUND)SCAPES - a free event that’s showcasing the best pan-Asian-kiwi local talent around and it’s happening at Potters Park in Auckland on July 2nd and 3rd. Expect cultural celebration, music, dance battles, poetry AND Tai Chi… 


… which is where my father, Charles, comes in. Dad is Malaysian-Chinese and Melanau and starting with Tae Kwon Do, he and his friends were among the first to teach the art in Auckland well before I was born. He doesn’t like to talk himself up at all, but he did reach 7th dan black belt before focusing on Tai Chi and has been teaching it since the 90s. Although he doesn’t refer to himself as a Master, others sometimes do. He will be at ASIAN(SOUND)SCAPES) talking about and teaching some Tai Chi on July 2nd at 10am. See you there!